Thursday, March 5, 2009


1,900...that's the number of pictures sitting on my external hard drive waiting to be edited, uploaded to Shutterfly or Mpix, waiting to be printed. Oh, dear. Can you say overwhelmed??? That's most certainly what I'm feeling right now. Do I need to mention the 2,000 photos in photo albums or boxes that need to be organized and scrapbooked? I might as well give up now.

Thank goodness I am not someone who believes that every single photo must be in the scrapbook. I do think that they all need to be edited and printed, however. It is going to take me FOREVER to edit these photos. Maybe my boys will be especially "un-cute" this month and I won't feel the need to take a few hundred photos to add to our collection. Maybe we'll just stay home and potty train my stubborn little Nathan. How many photos can we take of him sitting on the potty, right? (That's where he is right now)

Leave me a comment telling me how many photos you have just waiting for your attention...especially if you have tons. Misery loves company.

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