Friday, January 16, 2009

No More Simple Scrapbooks

It's official, another magazine will cease publication due to these difficult economic times. Here's the official announcement.

Personally, the loss of this particular magazine makes me sad. Whenever I pick up a srapbooking magazine (Simple Scrapbooks excluded), I find it filled with beautiful layouts that have one perfect picture on them. The layouts are covered in tons of expensive and/or time-consuming embellishments. While there is certainly a place for this type of scrapbooking, let's be realistic. Do we all have that kind of time and money to devote to this hobby? My family takes approximately 2,000 pictures a year. I do not scrapbook every photo, but I do intend to scrapbook a significant portion of those photos in order to tell the story. Simple Scrapbooks spoke to the majority of scrapbookers. It spoke to newbies and seasoned pros looking for renewed inspiration. It has helped keep us focused on scrapbooking our photos and telling our story without the pressure to create extravagant works of art with each layout.

I look forward to seeing the new section in Creating Keepsakes in the summer to see if it really stays true to the Simple Scrapbooks message.


Darby said...

oh I'm so sad too. This was the only magazine sub I'd kept and now it's gone. :(

Melissa you have an adorable family! :)

Jacqui said...

There's not as many sewing magazines but I wouldn't be surprised if some of them start disappearing, too. BTW, I nominated you for an award in my blog if you want to play. =)