Sunday, January 11, 2009

Newly Released

So far January has been an exciting time to be with I Remember When. Our new website was launched last week and this week our new online store goes live. Yay! Finally, all of my friends and family all over the country will be able to purchase items directly from me 24/7!!!

The following pictures are just a few samples of the new Fancy Pants Designs we are carrying in our January supplement. We are also now carrying Sassafrass Lass. Their items are adorable! To download the full supplement, just visit my regular website .

Fancy Pants Arctic Chill--just one of the adorable sheets of paper in our paper kit.

I love rub-ons! Here are the coordinating Arctic Chill rub-ons.

A sample from the Splendid line.

Coordinating Splendid rub-ons.


Jacqui said...

I think Angela would love the rub ons. However, I think she's turning into more of a collector than actual crafter. She loves all her scrapbooking supplies (she received more for Christmas) but hasn't actually used them. I'm afraid I might be setting the example...

Melissa said...

Most scrapbookers collect supplies before they use them. I used to do this too. I would buy something one year and wouldn't use it until I replaced it with the newer version the next year.