Friday, June 18, 2010


First, let me apologize for this awful photograph. I cannot take a decent photo of a 2-page layout spread to save my life. Anyone have any suggestions? Do I have to buy a scanner if I want decent images of my layouts? Probably.

The other day I spent hours finishing all but one of my unfinished layouts. Yay, me! It felt great to have a stack of completed layouts when I was done. My husband just kept making fun of me because all of the photos were from 2007 and 2008. That's my style though: scrapbook whichever photo(s) appeal to me at that moment. There's no pressure to scrapbook in order and I KNOW that I will never scrapbook all of my photos.

All products used for this layout are from Scenic Route's Liberty Kit. Scenic Route's papers are double-sided and super thick. Love this manufacturer and am still bummed that they've closed their doors.

I have many more completed layouts to share soon and at least one or two more showing off my boys' in their battered state. Ultimately I am confident that we will fill at least one scrapbook, if not more, with layouts of them wounded. Boys will be boys.

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