Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Cricut Cartridges

Eventhough I still have unopened Cricut cartridges in my craft room, I still find myself drooling over and "needing" a couple of these newly released cartridges.

Cindy Loo Cartridge. Are those cupcake wrappers that I see at the bottom??? Adorable and reason enough to convince me to buy this cartridge.

This family themed layout is from the Oh My Crafts blog and was made using the Cindy Loo cartridge.

Freshly Picked Cartridge. Celebrate the beauty of your backyard garden! This cartridge is filled with a variety of gardening odds and ends ranging from tools to gloves to seed packets. You will fall in love with the garden themed words, signs, and frames on this cartridge.

Toy Story Cartridge. With Toy Story 3 coming out next month, it is no surprise that Provo Craft jumped on the opportunity to release this cartridge. My boys are obsessed with Toy Story so I will likely purchase this one too!

The Cricut Cartridge Organizer is the the perfect way to store those valuable cartridge sets for quick and easy access! Organize up to 16 cartridge cases for easy display and organization.

How do you store your Cricut cartridges? I have mine stacked precariously on a shelf, but I see a few of these cubbies in my future.

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