Sunday, January 10, 2010

Star Ornaments

My boys have a small Christmas tree that we let them decorate on their own. It has brightly colored lights and cheap-o plastic bulbs. Nothing fancy at all. Next year I want it to include a bunch of handmade ornaments--made by them and a handful made by yours truly.

I found these rustic, metal star ornaments at Michaels this year for $1.29 each. I grabbed 12 or 15 thinking I would decorate them and sell at craft fairs. Instead, I decided to cover a few for us.

This one is covered in Basic Grey Figgy Pudding paper that I had leftover from 2 years ago. The ornaments are only 5" X 5" or so which makes this a great project to use up some of that scrap paper stash that we ALL have on hand.

I used my Tombo Mono Adhesive (my favorite liquid adhesive) to attach the paper to each section of the star. I cut out the center embellishments from one of the scrap pieces of paper and attached them with glue dots.

This ornament is definitely going on the boys' tree. I used the super cute Basic Grey Lime Rickey paper pad. I can't wait to find time to make a few more of these for their tree. Fortunately, I placed the ornament box just inside the attic door (which is in my craft room) so I can easily add to our ornament stash throughout the year!

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ShellyDee said...

VERY cute! The boys have their own trees as well-I think we're going to need an additional one now too-this year all my baby ornaments & ones I made through the years were bumped off for all of theirs they have made!