Thursday, December 4, 2008

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

Instead of enjoying a nice, slow Thansgiving dinner with my husband and two boys, I rushed out to Michaels to buy Cricut cartridges! I had a few bites of food--about a saucer's worth--and was off. One night earlier I ventured down to our local Michaels to see which cartridges they had in stock. Much to my delight I discovered that they had the brand new Cars cartridge. My boys are absolutely obsessed with all things Cars so I was determined to get one for $30. I arrived 40 minutes before their Thanksgiving night opening and was thrilled to be second in line. This made me feel a little pathetic, but I just kept telling myself that it was for the boys! Naturally, I bought a few more that I just HAD to have. Who can pass these up for just $30? I am now the proud owner of a total of 19 cartridges. Woo hoo!

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