Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Roaring Good Time

The birthday party is over (yet my house is still full of balloons and dinosaurs)! Time was not my friend in the week leading up to the party so I was only able to complete about 1/2 of the projects I had planned. AND, my silly husband forgot to take pictures of some of the things I did finish. Oh, well.

I purchased a pack of solid color party hats from Party City once I found that colorful digital kit mentioned in the previous post. My handy Xyron 510 was the perfect tool to apply adhesive to the dinosaurs that I cut out to embellish the hats.

Photoshop is my friend, but I am FAR from an expert. I figured out how to make this simple panel using the digital kit. This made customizing the basic goodie bags super simple!

The balloons attached to the chandelier in our dining room remains my favorite birthday party decoration to date! How cheap and easy is this? Blow up some balloons, tie some colored curling ribbon to the balloons, attach to the light fixture and you're done! Festive and pretty for about 50 cents!!!

The birthday boy wearing his party hat and covered in frosting. The perfect way to end a party!

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ShellyDee said...

Everything looked dino-riffic! You did a great job!