Friday, February 20, 2009

Dream Craft Rooms

Since my craft room has not yet been "done"--meaning it has not yet been painted, decorated and perfectly organized--I find myself drooling over pictures of other people's craft rooms. Check out this HGTV link
. There are some beautiful craft rooms on this site!

I think this is my favorite. It wasn't the one that jumped out at me first, but I think it is the most easily obtained considering the white storage pieces I already own. I love, love, love the pops of red!

WHEN I finally redo my craft space, I absolutely promise to post before and after pictures. It's going to be a month or two from now, I would guess since we absolutely must paint and decorate a bit more on the main level of our house first.


Jacqui said...

You're telling me that all your supplies will fit in that set up? LOL

Melissa said...

Heck no! I just like the mix of colors, patterns, etc. Some of the supplies are nice too--in fact that desk (from Target) is on my wish list.