Thursday, August 21, 2008


Thanks for stopping by to check out my new blog. I'm hoping to use this to keep my friends, family and students inspired now that we are spread out all over the country. With a little luck, they will also continue to share their work with me as I follow my Navy husband all over the place.

My goal: To add new photos of completed projects at least twice a week!

I have no problem creating lots of fun problem is that I rarely take photos of everything. This has to change!

Check back often to see samples, new inventory items, etc. Also, check out my main website to see my upcoming class schedule and information about sales.

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Crystal said...

Hey keep the pictures coming! I havent had the opportunity to scrapbook at all here bc Alex gets into everything, so Anthony made me a table for organizing...ya as soon as that gets a sealer put on it I will be able to start my christmas projects...Love the card on the blog tho...send me some ideas pls!